Tax Season Brings Onslaught of Scams, Says Texas

Texas LendingTexas answers questions posed by consumers regarding the IRS collection process and potential tax scams.

Q: Does the IRS demand immediate payment; in other words would they call me to demand payment?

Texas Lending: It’s true that making your tax payments on time is important, however, the IRS isn’t known for demanding immediate payments – especially over the phone. The IRS will not ask for a specific method of payment and will typically correspond via mail through the U.S. Postal Service.

Q: I received a threatening message from the IRS. I don’t want to go to jail. What should I do?

Texas Lending: You should report it to state and local law enforcement agencies. The IRS does not leave messages threatening incarceration. If you have any questions regarding the status of your tax liability you can call the IRS directly. Keep in mind though, the IRS is overwhelmed with telephone calls this time of year and wait times may be significant. [Continue reading]

Texas on Recent FICO Changes

Texas LendingWill the changes help homebuyers? What is different? In this brief Q and A, Texas answers these questions and more about FICO’s most recent update to its credit-scoring system.

Q: What is the difference between the new FICO system and the old?

Texas Lending: There are two significant changes to the new FICO 9 scoring system. First, medical debt weighs less against one’s credit score. A second yet equally important difference is that paid collection accounts are no longer a negative. The new system has no impact on people with unpaid collections or delinquent credit accounts.

Q: How are these changes likely to affect the average credit score?

Texas Lending: The new scoring model will affect persons with medical debt and settled collections. It is expected that the median credit increase for this group of consumers is around 25 points. [Continue reading]

Texas | Lone Star State Shatters Job Growth Records In 2014

Texas Lending

According to Texas, the Lone Star State has seen unemployment rates at their lowest in eight years and has enjoyed substantial job growth for 51 straight months. Q: How many new jobs were added to the Texas workforce in 2014? Texas … [Continue reading]

Savings Made Easier with Tips from Texas Lending

Texas Lending

In this brief Q & A, Texas Lending answers common questions facing millions of Americans struggling to build their nest egg. Q: I don’t have any extra money to save. How can I get ahead? Texas Lending: You may have more disposable income … [Continue reading]

Bright Home, Bold You: Style tips from Texas Lending

Texas Lending

Texas Lending is one of America’s leading lenders. But even these guys have to take a break from dollar signs sometimes. Here, a spokesperson from the company talks home décor, which can brighten your mood and enhance your home’s value. Q: … [Continue reading]

Texas Lending – Higher Credit Score offers Great Benefits

Texas Lending

Dallas-based Texas Lending answers questions about some of the most common positive side-effects of fixing a failed FICO. Q: How will a higher credit score affect my ability to obtain a loan? Texas Lending: Lenders take a borrower’s credit … [Continue reading]