Savings Made Easier with Tips from Texas Lending

In this brief Q & A, Texas Lending answers common questions facing millions of Americans struggling to build their nest egg.

Q: I don’t have any extra money to save. How can I get ahead?

Texas Lending: You may have more disposable income that you think. If you can break your savings goal down into small amounts and divide it out by day, you’ll find that a few dollars here and there will add up fast. Let’s say you are in the habit of getting a latte on your way to work every day. At $5 a pop, you could see your savings grow by over $1,000 at the end of a year if you bring your coffee from home.

Q: Should I pay down debt before I start saving?

Texas Lending: No one will argue that getting ahead on bills is a great way to improve your long-term finances. However, if you don’t have a safety cushion, you need to consider diverting any extra you are paying out to savings. [Continue reading]

Bright Home, Bold You: Style tips from Texas Lending

Texas Lending is one of America’s leading lenders. But even these guys have to take a break from dollar signs sometimes. Here, a spokesperson from the company talks home décor, which can brighten your mood and enhance your home’s value.

Q: Why is great home décor important?

Texas Lending: From a financial standpoint, especially for sellers, a well-appointed home that is eye-catching, organized, and unique may sell faster – and for more money – than a similar home decorated in monotone colors and left a cluttered mess. Décor can be fun and functional, with accent pieces serving as hidden storage!

Q: Should every piece of furniture be an accent piece?

Texas Lending: No! That defeats the purpose. An accent piece is one that draws attention to the finer points of the home. But if the eye is getting dragged in every possible direction, it creates mental confusion and may subliminally make the atmosphere tense – the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. [Continue reading]

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